What Happens After You Die?


"A Fascinating Journey"
-- A. Finmann, Santa Cruz, California, USA

9 Chapters!
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The information is empowering and is not only relevant to life after death, but has practical applications in developing your spiritual senses and your soul here on earth. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is open to learning more about the spiritual side of themselves and who is curious about life after death.                                             - Dr. M. Nedbal, Hawaii, USA

Imagine you were given a device that enabled you to communicate to spirits in the spirit world. Imagine that this device allowed for two-way communication between yourself and any human who has ever existed on earth! Imagine the things you could learn and who you could contact. You could contact Julius Caesar, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, Galileo, Socrates and people from distant lands and forgotten countries like Atlantis and Ancient Egypt!

"I am the spirit of a man who, when on earth, was an inhabitant of the great continent of Atlantis which was submerged in a cataclysm, and by which calamity all the inhabitants of that country were drowned."
-- Jayemas, a former inhabitant of Atlantis

The book, What Happens After You Die, is the closest thing the human race has to such a device. It is not fiction but is a true and accurate record of communications received from spirits in the spirit world. The messages were received in the early 1900’s by a man named James Padgett. This gentleman, who lived in Washington D.C. as a practicing district attorney, learned of his unique talent to communicate to spirits after a psychic revealed to him that he had been given a special gift. He reluctantly attempted to exercise his gift and was astounded when spirits from all walks of life and time periods communicated to him. At first he thought it impossible and that he was being tricked. But as he received more messages, he was forced to admit that the information he was receiving could not have come from within his own thoughts.

“When Amon and I were created, there were no other human beings living on earth; and none came there to live until we had sons and daughters who intermarried and produced other sons and daughters. And when I say ‘human beings,’ I mean creatures with souls made in the image of God’s Soul. For we became man and woman not by virtue of the physical bodies we already possessed, but as the result of God implanting souls within us…”
-- Aman, the first father

“…because of our ideas of greatness and power and want of dependence on God, we fell. And never again were we restored to our position of beauty and happiness that was ours when our souls were first given to us from above.”
-- Amon, the first mother

"Their names were not Adam and Eve, but Aman and Amon, which meant the male Am and the female Am - Am meaning the exalted creation of God."
-- Leytergus, a native of Arabia

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Life after Death.

The messages contained in this book are so profound and life changing that your perspective of this world and how you see your role on this planet earth will change forever. Spirits reveal answers to many of life’s important questions such as, “Why was I born?”, “Who and what is God?”, “Do I have a soul?”, “Is there a heaven and a hell?”. Spirits will also share descriptions of their personal lives in the spirit spheres – their homes, the landscape, their fellowship, their food and much more.

 "...we have rivers and lakes and fields and mountains and all the beautiful landscapes that you can imagine. I not only enjoy these things, but also they are more real than those of earth."
-- Helen Padgett

If there ever was a manual to death and the life thereafter, this is it. You will learn what to expect at the moment of your death. You will learn that your spirit home has a particular locality when you first cross over. You will read about the Law of Progression and how everyone will be given numerous opportunities to better themselves in the spirit world. With the messages contained in this book you can start preparing for the inevitable and be ready when the time comes.

 "We visit one another and give our experiences of the Love life that we lead. We also have music and interchange thoughts about our continuous progress and our work in the spirit world"
-- Samuel, Prophet of the Old Testament

This book is for seekers of the Truth. The contents will open new doors to your mind and a window to your soul. It will shed light upon truths that have been hidden for millennia.

 "When my spirit left the body, I commenced to feel as if I were rising out of it, and that I was going upward to the place that I had so often heard my father speak about. But I had scarcely awakened to the fact that my spirit had left the body when your mother had me in her arms and was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those who loved me."
-- Helen Padgett

 "You must not be surprised that so many spirits of presidents and rulers of Europe are here tonight writing to you; for, in the spirit life, space is as nothing, and the attraction of kindred thoughts brings spirits together who you might suppose are far apart in their habitations. These spirits who have written, and many more who are present, are all interested in this great war.* And I will say here that, tonight, you have had around you a greater concourse of men and women who were considered great on earth than have ever before congregated in one place."
-- Helen Padgett

This book introduces the reader to a wonderful vision of spiritual messages from spirits about their life in the spiritual realms. Contained in these messages is the glorious experience of Divine Love and the romance of soul mates. This book is truly a gift of Love.                                                                - Zara Borthwick.  Melbourne. Australia

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